Westbrook Village Pickleball Club Ladders Rules

Ladder differences:  The Open Social ladder offered on Thursday evenings has tended to be a couple’s ladder.  Everyone is welcome, there are many different still levels.  However, we will adhere to the Hold My Court percentages.  You can stay on this ladder indefinitely and need not worry about moving to a different ladder.   It is competitive but intended for people who would rather stay on a particular day or want to play with specific people.

In the Novice/Low Intermediate/Intermediate/High Intermediate Ladders, players will play with people who have similar skill levels.  After the 10-week session is finished, players may move up or down to another Ladder.  The ladder captains will evaluate whether a player should move to a different ladder based on the player’s performance, data, and percentage generated by the software.   Notice, this means the player may move to a different day and time to play.

Eligibility: You must be a member of the Westbrook Village Pickleball Club and your dues must be current.  Sign up for the ladder you feel most closely matches your skill level.  The Training and Rating committee has prepared a document called “ WBVPB Club Rating Descriptions“ to help you decide which ladder would be best for you.  Watch for it in an email coming soon.

If a player is going to be gone for a significant number of weeks of the ladder, it would be best if that player waits until the next session to sign up.  The player can still sign up to be a SUB.  If you would like to sub, please contact the ladder captain for the ladder you would like to sub on.

New Players:  These are new ladders, so each player must register for the ONE ladder they wish to participate in.  The links above will be active starting October 4th.  When you click on the link above, you will see LOTS OF ADVERTISING.  SORRY!  This is a free software program, so you’ll just need to ignore the advertising.  At the very bottom of the boxes (before all the advertising), you will see the words “Players Register Here.”  Click on it, fill it out completely, and be sure to highlight the ladder you would like to join.  FYI:  Ladder captains are allowed to play in 2 ladders – the one they host, and the one at their ability level.   Maybe more of you will want to become captains next season with this added incentive!

Once the registration closes on the 13th, the captains will have 5 days to set up their individual ladder.  You will receive an email notification showing the groupings for your first week on these new ladders!

If you are unable to play after you receive the email showing you the published schedule, and before the actual match, YOU should CONTACT THE LADDER CAPTAIN IMMEDIATELY.

For the evening ladders, the captain should be notified by noon of the ladder day

For the morning ladders, the captain should be notified by 5 Pm the previous evening

You will be allowed ONE “no show,” (i.e., you did not notify the captain and you did not show up to play).  If this occurs, you will be asked to help prepare the scoring sheets for 2 weeks. 

A second “no show,” and you will be removed from this ladder until the next sign-up period occurs. 

Basic rules to follow:  In and out calls are the purview of the receiving team. The opposing team needs to accept the call that was made. If the receiving side is unsure or if they disagree on the call, then the call should be called “in”. If they wish they may ask the opposing side for their opinion but then that call must be accepted as the official call.

For all other rule related questions, the captain should be consulted, or any player with referee certification may help solve the event in question.

Good sportsmanship conduct is always expected. 

 If you have a complaint, comment, or suggestion, regarding the ladders, please contact Jdee Birkeland at: jbsk@xmission.com