WBV Ladders start Oct 17, 2022

3.0 Intermediate Ladder

Tuesday Evenings 6:00 pm
arrive 20 minutes early

3.0 Description of Skills

  • I know how to re-figure the score & who is supposed to serve after losing track.
  • I am working to keep the serve deep & and placing the ball to forehand/backhand side of each receiver.
  • 75% of my serves are successful  (i.e.. not out of bounds).
  • I hit deeper and higher service returns to allow time to approach the net.
  • I move quickly toward the non-volley zone when I have the opportunity.
  • I am learning to use the approach shot & split step to navigate the transition zone without getting caught mid-court.
  • I have enough mobility, quickness and hand eye coordination to cover my half of the court.
  • I return the ball lower over the net when appropriate.
  • I am starting to be more aware of my partners position on the court and moving more as a team.
  • I demonstrate improved skill with all the basic shot strokes as well as shot placement.
  • I am beginning to use strategy when placing the ball.
  • I am starting to use the third shot drop with some success.
  • I can sustain a medium length dink rally at the net.
  • I can sustain short volley session at the net but have limited ability to place volleys.
  • I am not yet thinking about varying the speed of my shots and do not handle returning differing ball speeds consistently.
  • I use the forehand lob with some success and attempt backhand lobs.

Ladder Captains

Dan & Laura Blauvelt

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