3.5 High Intermediate Ladder

Monday Evenings 6:00 pm
arrive 20 minutes early

3.5 Description of Skills

  • I demonstrate better placement and depth on serves & return of serves.
  • 90% of my serves are successful (in the court)
  • I can consistently dink while changing directions from cross court to down the line forehand & backhand
  • I consistently execute lobs, forehand & backhand ground strokes, overheads, net volleys and sustained dinking.
  • I am starting to execute the half volley shot successfully.
  • I can consistently punch volley to back half of the  court to keep opponents at the baseline.
  • I can sustain a controlled volley exchange at the net with some ability to place the volley shot.
  • I incorporate a successful third shot drive when appropriate.
  • I can perform a third shot drop from the baseline & use more drop shots to get to the net & or reset the point.
  • I move forward with my partner to approach the non volley zone as a team for dinks & volleys.
  • I communicate with my partner for court coverage.
  • I can communicate effectively with partner to identify different strategies to try to expose opponents’ weaknesses.
  • I demonstrate improved control on forehand & backhand groundstrokes : direction, speed & height.
  • I’m working to minimize unforced errors.
  • I use offensive lobs effectively  (to break a dinking rally or get to the net).
  • My control & consistency has improved when adjusting to different ball speeds.
  • I am learning to recognize and anticipate opponents’ shots.
  • I exhibit some aggressive net play including poaching .
  • I can hit balls consistently lower over the net.
  • I can place my shots and move my opponent in order to create an opening and then take advantage of it.

Ladder Captains

Larry Siegler & Dick Krapfl

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