WBV Pickleball Club Non-Resident Guest Membership Policy

This policy change is being implemented based on input from the General Membership. It is in effect for calendar year 2018 and will be reevaluated at the end of the year.

Effective immediately, the WBV Pickleball Board has made a decision to adopt a Nonresident Guest Membership Policy that would allow nonresidents to become Guest Members of the Pickleball Club and participate in Club activities. In accordance with WBV Club Guest Policy regulations, guest members will not have priority over regular resident members.

WBV Pickleball Club’s Nonresident Guest Policy requirements

  1. Applicants must be sponsored by a WBV Pickleball club member.
  2. Applications for Guest Memberships can be obtained at the Lakes Recreation Center.
  3. At the Lakes Recreation Center, an applicant must present a Club Guest Photo Identification Card (PIO) Application, a Liability Release Waiver signed by the club president and pay $50 in order to receive a Nonresident Guest Pass.
  4. The applicant must also complete and submit the application for pickleball membership (and accompanying Release and Indemnification Waiver) and pay the annual $20 dues to the pickleball club.
  5. The Nonresident Guest Pass will expire one year from the date of issue, and it may only be used to participate in pickleball activities. As required by Westbrook Village, Nonresident Guest Pass holders may not have priority over other members.
  6. Non-Resident members are not eligible to vote.
  7. Non-Resident Activity cards are not entitled to guest punch cards.
  8. The Non-resident Guest memberships will be limited to 10 members for calendar year.